I’m so thrilled you popped by! I’ve been creating & designing for over 20 years… and while I’ve come a long way from painting rocks & selling them at flea markets (give me a break… I was only 5!), I still design and create with just as much heart as I did way back then!

Our thoughtfully curated shop, design & gifting studio is located in beautiful Charleston, SC & we work with clients worldwide. We love what we do and consider ourselves lucky to work with fab gals just like you!

oh hey there, friend! I'm tara!


Beautiful design & stellar packaging has always been a part of my life!  I'm a packaging hoarder & tend to keep items in their pretty little package for months (in some cases, years!) after I receive them!  I believe presentation is key when gift giving & adding a hand written note or tag is a necessity!

In 2010, our design studio started as a craft room in an unused part of our home.  I started selling some of the details that I was making for my wedding & before I knew it, I had worked with hundreds of brides.  After Mr. K & I got married, we decided that I needed to continue my passion for creating!  Since then we have outgrown our studios, opened 2 retail spaces, moved states twice & have expanded our services.  After narrowing down what our passion truly is & who our ideal client & customers are, we have scaled back and are so proud to offer you the best, most streamlined gifting & design services!

a gift studio & design house unlike any other.

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