Guest Addressing Spreadsheet (Updated As Of 9.14.14)

Guest Addressing Spreadsheet (Updated As Of 9.14.14)

Guest Addressing/Digital Calligraphy Instructions:

1) Download the excel spreadsheet.

2) Fill out each individual cell exactly how you would like the names and addresses to appear.
(Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones vs. Robert & Brooke Jones)
(Street, Road, Boulevard vs. St., Rd., Blvd.)

3) Guest Name (Line 2) & Address (Line 2) are optional fields and will appear as
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jones (Guest Name)
and Family (Guest Name 2)


1234 Pretty Road (Address)
Apartment 2C (Address 2)

4) DO NOT remove any cells you don’t need. Also, if the field is to be left blank (i.e. country), do not add any spaces in the blank field.

5) Add any additional rows you need but please do not add columns.

If you have questions regarding filling out your guest address form, please feel free to contact us!

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